Team and Group coaching

Group Coaching can be applied very effectively to groups of people, for example new managers from different departments in a company. In this context, coaching typically focuses on a certain topic and works on the skills and motivations required for the group members to succeed in their roles. Group coaching can be attractive from an economic perspective (it is cheaper on a per-head basis than one-on-one coaching) and it encourages the group members to learn from each other, accelerating cross-pollination.

Team Coaching focuses on an intact team, for example a manager and his or her direct reports. Coaching gets a team to work more effectively and is especially valuable in being able to tackle any dysfunctions in a team from a neutral perspective. In addition, having a coach lead the process means the manager can be a participant rather than a controller, opening the way for a more participative and engaging coaching experience for all team members. A team is only truly functioning as a team if the collective output is greater than the sum of what the individuals could each achieve working alone.

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