“There is magic in motion. There is energy in change. There is something in all of us to make a difference in any way, every day.”

– Doug Brown

Executive coaching and learning facilitation

Coaching is an invaluable support system for leaders, executives, managers and anyone aiming to be at the top in their field. It gives high-performers the insight, confidence and skills to unlock more of their true potential and to turn challenging situations into opportunities for growth.

Credera offers expert coaching for executives, leaders, groups and teams. Our coaches are highly experienced and are internationally qualified, ensuring you get the best for your staff or for your own professional development journey.

We focus on four main types of coaching engagement: executive coaching, team/group coaching, executive learning and facilitation, and independent workshop facilitation.

Executive coaching

Focusing on leaders and senior managers in an organisation, delivered individually or in group formats.

Team and Group coaching

Coaching for groups of people in an organisation or established teams.

Executive learning & facilitation

Training interventions aimed at equipping leaders with new skills, knowledge and awareness.

Workshop facilitation

Independent workshop facilitation for Strategy days, Project Planning, Alignment, Visioning, and Work Assignment.

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