Executive learning and facilitation

Executive learning and facilitation

Until recently, the only way managers knew how to get their work done was to give orders and to try to manage through authority and control. But now they are discovering the benefits of leading through coaching and influence.

Credera offers a set of short experiential training interventions aimed at equipping leaders with new skills, knowledge and awareness. These include

  • A Manager as Coach programme to equip leaders with the skills they need to have coaching conversations with their team members rather than managerial conversations. Managers learn how to inspire team members to take more ownership and to bring more of their unique talents to their work, resulting in greater staff engagement and work satisfaction for all parties.
  • The Multipliers programme (based on the book by Liz Wiseman) helps leaders to understand how they can multiply the collective intelligence of their team and how to avoid behaviours that are accidentally diminishing the intelligence of the team members.
  • The Better Decisions programme shows delegates how easily we fall into irrational decision-making traps based on our brain’s subconscious biases and heuristics (mental shortcuts) and how then to make better decisions around investments, products, processes, recruitment, entering/exiting a market.

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